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Super BurgerTime


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I just played a bootleg (don't ask me where I got it -- I don't want to get anyone in trouble) of the 1990 game, Super BurgerTime.

It's Japanese and was never released in the US. The game is structured like Super Mario Bros. Five worlds, 4 lands in each world, land 4 you fight a boss villian.


I LOVE BurgerTime (hence my name) and was very excited to play an upgrade of my favorite arcade game. The graphics are too "Hello Kitty" for me, but the gameplay is great! They sure did super-size Peter Peppers adventures. More baddies, weapons, and this time Peter can also jump.


I did make it through the whole game the second time I played it, but only thanks to the continue-from-where-you-last-die option. If I was playing this in the arcade, I would have spent a year's salary to complete the game.


Has anyone else out there in Atari-land played Super BurgerTime? Maybe we can compare notes.

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I've played Super Burgertime on MAME, but I didn't like it much, it was too "Japanese" looking. It didn't feel like Burgertime anymore.


If your looking for Burgertime sequels, try Peter Peppers Ice Cream Factory. It's the true sequel to Burgertime, but was only released on the very rare DECO (Data East COrp.) tape system which didn't last long in the arcades (Tapes in arcade machines? What were they thinking?)



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try Peter Peppers Ice Cream Factory. It's the true sequel to Burgertime


Wow thanks for the info Tempest, I never knew that! (and I thought I was elite in all arcade knowledge) Turns out I had that rom for a while but never tried it out not knowing of it's existance. Thanks again


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Yes, the cutesy graphics are awful and. The pewtrid pastel colors of Japanese animation make me gag. I do feel that the gameplay is in the spirit of the original.

The jumping on the burger parts 3 times added a cool twist. What did you think of the trapped princess saying "Burgertime" in that baby voice every 30 seconds? I actually thought that was kind of fun - in an annoying kind of way. I've heard of Peter

Pepper's Ice Cream Factory, but have never played it. Do you think I could find an emulation of it?


[ 03-13-2002: Message edited by: BurgertimeBoy ]

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PPICF is emulated by MAME, search the various rom sites. You'll need the PPICF rom and the DECO Tape System rom to make it work. It's a cool game, but very hard. It a way it reminds me of a 2D version of Diner for the Intellivision.



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