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Im totally crushed!


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So, Im rading the darwin awards right?

and i read this...



(2001) I own a family entertainment center with arcade and video games. We occasionally replace out-of-date games, and dismantle the old ones into pieces small enough to toss in the dumpster out back.

One day I gave our two intrepid game room employees, nicknamed Podunk and Donut after their radio call signs, the task of destroying two outmoded games. The first game was sent to Atari heaven with no fuss, thanks to a 5-pound sledgehammer.



*sob* i know we have covered them being destroyed but i just had to post it *sniff* i hope i end up in atari heaven...

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sadly it doesn't work like that


why the smash the machines is because

well, imagine this. you are incharge of

an auto rental company that has cars that

never wear out. eventually you will have

to update your stock as the newer they are

the better they handle and the better

features that are included. but there are

many other people that would just LOVE

to get some of these cars on their hands

to make money from, so what they do instead

is destroy them so no one can make a profit

from them. which is the same as the arcade

machines fate. (cept arcade machines do wear out :P) but thats how it goes.


but sure you can ask them even your local

chuck e cheeze's does it, ask to buy it from

them and they will say its against policy.


(as it turns out in the story, the two morons try to destroy a second machine with no luck, instead they try to burn it and end up burning themselves rather badly.)

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Mostly right. But luckily, *most* arcades do not throw out their old machines unless they have become so crummy that they wouldn't fetch anything at market. Chuck E Cheese is one of the biggest exceptions to this rule, but all the Namco arcades like Aladdins Castle and Time Out have taken to selling their games to customers or through auctions.

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