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More Home-Made Cabbie Problems

Uncle Duke

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As some of you know I started making an Atari 2600 Cab. in my FFA Shop course at school. So far I am almost complete with the sides, I started cutting out the basic shape not that long ago. But I am running into all sorts of problems. Originally I had planned to use my old green tinted broken T.V. for the Cab. for a temp. It works fine, its just the color isnt all that great, because it has a green tint to everything. So then I got second thoughts and am going to use my good 19 inch color T.V. ...But then I have the problem of, what am I going to do about watching movies on it? Then I decided to scrap the whole using Atari 2600, and use my Dreamcast instead, and pop in my Atari Anniversery disc and I have a real authentic Cabbie... But then I cant sit back and enjoy a good role playing game, like Phantasy Star Online... So I have run into a pickle. Some options I thought about were to buy a new Dreamcast and new T.V.... Chyyyeeah Right. I hardly have enough money as it is, and this was supposed to be a simple almost free project. Except for the price of wood. So any tips from anyone out there?

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