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My latest creation lives!!!

Cassidy Nolen

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Hows this for sprucing up the dead?


Built a Star Wars MAME cabinet. Its the real cabinet, glass, yoke, you get the picture. Then I used a 19 inch SVGA monitor that already was made for mounting in an arcade, a Pentium 4 950mhz Celeron system, 64 megs ram, CDROM, floppy and a 2 Gig hard drive all mounted in the coin box. Power supply mounts on the back of the coin box. So far, the only things I had to modify from the original cabinet are the two pots in the controllers, and a few holes for the components on the metal coin bucket.


Now it plays SW, ESB and ROTJ FLAWLESSLY and uses a set of 40 Watt speakers for the sounds. This thing is more fun to play than my real SW! Neat project and glad it is done.


Anyone know how I install a front end so it boots into the emulator rather than me going to windows with a mouse and finding MAME 32?



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