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Before I list these on eBay


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Hey everyone,


The GOAT Store is kind of doing a spring cleaning, so we're selling off a bunch of odds and ends that we have such as those broken Magnavox Odyssey 2 systems I keep linking too.


Anyway, we have some arcade game items that we're looking at selling, and I thought that I would let everyone on here take a shot at them first. If you're interested, email me at loosen@goatstore.com with your offers. We'll do exact shipping. I can also send you photos if you would like to see everything.


We have:


Large coin mech This came off a generic cabinet, but it is rather nice. It is all in one part including coin hopper and double coin mechs.


Mat Mania game with everything This also came out of that generic cabinet. It has everything that you would need to put this into another machine. We are almost positive that it works, but the machine that we pulled it from had a blown screen and I'm not going to rip apart one of my JAMMA's to find out if it works. It definately registered coins, all button presses and made noises for everything.


With it comes the control panel, harness (in kinda rigged condition -- I didn't do it!), marquee and plexiglass if you want it. The plexiglass was cut to meet the rather small machine that the game was in, and in my opinion is pretty useless but if you want it...


The only things that you need for this to work would be a cabinet and a coin mech.


Stern Pinball Lamp Driver 76-84? We have a Bally/Midway machine from 1985 and we bought this because we were told that it was a Bally board. It is not. It is a Stern board. It is in kind of crappy condition too (some of the pins are slightly bent), but supposedly it works.


Qix control panel We have another old Taito cabinet that was converted to a JAMMA cab, and we bought this so that we could swap control panels if needed. I never got a chance to modify it, and now we've got another upright so it is kind of useless to us. It has some bad damage to it, but with a new control panel overlay and some of that stuff, it should be fine.


That is it! If you are interested in either the Qix control panel or the Stern Pinball Lamp Driver, I am going to insist on sending you pictures of them so that you know exactly what is wrong with them. Also, we are not expecting large sums of money for any of these, so if you're interested give me an offer


If I don't have anything by Monday night, I will probably start listing them on eBay.

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