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What do you think of these prices?

Cassidy Nolen

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I was at the Winston Salem auction this last weekend, and sort of want the groups concensus whether I am nuts or not.


There were some classics, and they varied in quality but here are some results:


Centipedes: 400-450

Galagas: 550-800

Pac Man 350 (obviously I bought that one!)

Ms. Pac 650 Average of all the ones sold.


Then they had a Bubbles, that went shy of 400, nice piece


Smokey Joe, no picture, played blind 3 of the 4 times it was powered up: 180 scratched sides


Chicago Coin Video Pinball: 70


Taito Qix converted to Trivia Whiz: 80


Pac and Galaxian bare wood cocktail cabinets, no electronics or steel parts: 20/both


Terrible Galaga clone went for over 500!


What do you think? On par, low, high? Just putting these out there.



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Winston-Salem, NC? Cool. My wife and daughter used to live in Kernersville while I was stationed at Ft. Bragg.


O.K., All of the prices you list are pretty much on par with what dealers out here in Phoenix are asking for their cabs. I bought a Ms. Pac in very good condition for $500 last year. I also picked up a Tron in excellent condition for $650, Bosco in very good condition for $350 and a Gorf in pristine condition for $650.

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Tron Arcade rocks!


I've been wanting to get some arcade machines, but it's a little rough around here to get started. My friend does have a pac-man machine though. Her dad used to own an arcade, and kept it. He used to have centipede too, but I think he got rid of it.

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