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Arcade Game similar to Wipeout??


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I remember playing a game in the arcades...I dont remember the name.

It was about 5 years ago

...kinda like wipeout but you could control your pitch. You had steering, pitch and dive though the handles and I think there was a 3dfx logo during the intro.


Thats all I can remember...there were weapons and power ups and it was fast...


any ideas....anyone??

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Ze_ro no it wasn't San Francisco Rush. It was totally an arcade version of Wipeout. I mean it WAS Wipeout the game for all intents and purposes (probably closest to Wipeout 2 on the psx) except it was in an arcade cab.


I only saw it once when I went to the Milipitas Great Mall on vacation about 2 or 3 years ago (when they had an arcade). So yeah.. it was weird. But it was the long sloping and twisting tracks and the arrow tip shaped cars. It WAS Wipeout. I'm kicking myself for not seeing what the name was now...

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Yeah I had seen that once. It was in a red sit down open cockpit version that moved around. I looked at the game and immediately thought that it was Wipeout plain and simple and yes I saw the 3dfx logo as well. Unfortunately I have no idea what the name was at all.

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Nope that wasn't it. Although we do have one of those locally around here


Anyway, now that I think and try to remember this game, it was the odd because although it was a sit-down. It was almost generic looking... that it it looked almost "custom made". I don't remember if it was a motion game either. But you definitely sat in a chair, had some kind of Stun Runner control, and had a big old screen of what looked similar to:




Man what was that game? I've ALWAYS thought "well, it's the arcade port of Wipeout naturally! " .. But now, having not seen any mention of it anywhere, nor able I able to find any info on it.. I wonder what the HECK WAS IT!?!

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When I was in Bahrain in 2000 I was at the Seef Mall, and there was a wipeout arcade game (Wipeout 3-D, 2004, something like that)that you could sit in with two people. A hinged lid would automatically cover the top at the begining of the game so it was nice and dark! One person piloted the ship and the other could fire weapons on other ship. It was Bad A**, the music was techno, the sound was loud, the screen in front of you was at least 32" and the whole thing rocked and shook in direct relation to the pilot's stick position! Even better was a monitor at the token box to watch other people's game on!


It was so quality it made me go and buy Wipeout 3 for the PS1!

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Originally posted by Glenn Saunders:

Did it come out way before Wipeout? Stun Runner is probably Wipeout's grand-daddy.


Heh no it obviously wasn't Stun Runner. The reason why it's bugging me is the game WAS 'Wipeout' as far as I could tell. Oh and yes this was after the original Wipeout came out. The year I saw the game was in 2000 as that was the year of that particular trip of mine to the Bay Area.


YarsRevengeFan: weird! the version I saw was only one player. But I wonder if it's the same game

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