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I was browsing in my backup cds and I found like 50 roms, here's the list:


1942 05-27-02 5:48p 1942

1943 05-27-02 5:48p 1943

ARMEDF 05-27-02 5:48p armedf

BATTLERA 05-27-02 5:48p battlera

BATTLNTS 05-27-02 5:48p battlnts

BIOATACK 05-27-02 5:48p bioatack

BLAZER 05-27-02 5:49p blazer

CABAL 05-27-02 5:49p cabal

CHILLER 05-27-02 5:49p chiller

CHPLFT 05-27-02 5:49p chplft

COMANDO 05-27-02 5:49p comando

COMBAT 05-27-02 5:49p combat

COMMAND 05-27-02 5:49p commando

DANGAR 05-27-02 5:49p dangar

DDRAGON 05-27-02 5:49p ddragon

DDRAGON2 05-27-02 5:49p ddragon2

ESB 05-27-02 5:49p esb

EXODUS 05-27-02 5:49p exodus

GBERET 05-27-02 5:49p gberet

GNG 05-27-02 5:49p gng

GOLDNABL 05-27-02 5:49p goldnabl

GOLDNAXE 05-27-02 5:49p goldnaxe

GWAR 05-27-02 5:49p gwar

GYRODINE 05-27-02 5:49p gyrodine

GYRUSS 05-27-02 5:49p gyruss

IKARI 05-27-02 5:49p ikari

IKARI3 05-27-02 5:49p ikari3

JRPACMAN 05-27-02 5:49p jrpacman

KUNGFUM 05-27-02 5:49p kungfum

MSPACMAN 05-27-02 5:49p mspacman

NAM1975 05-27-02 5:49p nam1975

NEOGEO 05-27-02 5:49p neogeo

OSCAR 05-27-02 5:49p oscar

PACMOD 05-27-02 5:49p pacmod

PHOENIX 05-27-02 5:49p phoenix

PULSTAR 05-27-02 5:49p pulstar

SDI 05-27-02 5:50p sdi

SHARRIER 05-27-02 5:50p sharrier

SLAPFIGH 05-27-02 5:50p slapfigh

SLAPFI~1 05-27-02 5:50p SLAPFIGHT

SONOFPHX 05-27-02 5:50p sonofphx

SOS 05-27-02 5:50p sos

TAILG 05-27-02 5:50p tailg

TERRACRE 05-27-02 5:50p terracre

TIGERH 05-27-02 5:50p tigerh

TIMESOLD 05-27-02 5:50p timesold

USVSTHEM 05-27-02 5:50p usvsthem

VICTROAD 05-27-02 5:50p victroad

ZAXXON 05-27-02 5:50p zaxxon

XXMISSIO 05-27-02 5:51p xxmissio


email me if anyone want's this ROMs golgiati@hotmail.com



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