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2600 Defender Arcade - Pretty Much Complete!


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Thanks, Supercat - those two changes you did are definately awesome :) I'm sorry I wasn't able to figure out what happened with the scanner, although it was odd that it only happened on the real thing. :-/



Also, I think I have the PAL version complete. Like I said before, I did a 'diff' between the NTSC Stargate and the PAL stargate and just applied the same changes to my ASM file. Could someone from PAL land give this a try? :) Thanks!


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Hey Mimo -


Not directly, I was hoping that anyone with those carts would reply :)


I don't have the Cuttle Cart II settings in front of me (I'm at work) but they should be the same as the NTSC 8K version (F8SC).


Thanks! :)



*EDIT* - Misspelling :dunce:

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You need a specific eprom board to do this. That is why I am limited to how many I can make. Those boards (that take an Eprom, SARA chip, and GAL) are at the moment not being made.


This has been remedied, I present revision C of the SARA board. I have a couple hundred of these. :cool:


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Finally got around to trying this out tonight and all I can say is WOW (and no flicker yay!).

If only this is what I had got in June of '81, who knows what might be different. ;)


thanks for all the hard work, I'm really enjoying this.



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Sorry for bumping a old thread, but I was thinking about this hack earlier.


I was curious if the new scanner and title screen were ever implimented in this if anyone figured out how to do it?


Also, I always liked RT's idea of a ship explosion when you die, I'd love to see someone do something with that someday.

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Thanks guys :)


I'm wondering, being that so much stuff was removed to make Defender Arcade, if I could get rid of the need for 'SARA' and make this a standard cart. I need some way to figure out what the extra memory was used for.


This way, there's no need for special carts.


Once I'm done with Frenzy I may revisit this again to see if it's possible.

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This was probably already mentioned on a previous page but I downloaded the most recent .bin (I think) and all I see when attempting to play this in Stella is the title screen, then the radar and one "citizen" at the bottom otherwise the screen is blank :?



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