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Flashback 2 for sale in Southamerica

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At least here in Chile. Yesterday, while browsing a catalog with offerings from our local supermarket, I found this interesting item for sale:




The price tag was CLP 29,999, that's nearly USD 55. The price was high, but I did the math in my mind: ordering a FB2 from USA + shiping costs + customs + taxes.... the costs on importing a FB2 would be more or less the same the FB2 was offered on the supermarket. So I bought it. I was impressed on the video quality of the system. It looks very good. Moreover, I accidentally launched Quadrun only to find out that the 'voice' was OK. After all, I am very happy with my shopping. This system is distributed in my country by an enterprise named Neotek, they imported the console and added a 220-110V adapter, and a flyer with instructions in spanish on how to set up the system:




This makes me wonder if this system is sold on other southamerican countries than Chile....


Just kinda needed to let you know, and share this good new.



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