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Squares! Colecovision 4K version


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Hello all,


I'm working on a ColecoVision game called "Squares!". In the meantime, I spent some time over the weekend stripping it down (and loosing some limbs in the process :( ). It's down to 4K for the 2006 Mini Game Competition. I've attached it here for your pleasure. It works in Virtual Coleco and on real hardware.







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Hi Scott,


Thanks for the reply.


Instructions: As the (hollow) white square, your mission is to evade the other bouncing squares (using the joystick). Catch the smaller, solid square when it appears for an extra life. Your player is bounded by the dashed line. If you last long enough, the "yellow" square goes faster, and more squares appear. If you get hit, you lose a life, and your square disappears. After a short delay, either wait for your square to re-appear near the top-left of the playfield, or press the fire button to re-appear. Best played with a joystick of your choice.


The full version has hyperspace and invisibility, and more (fun) items to catch besides the white square, but it's not finished yet... .




edit: remembered a couple of things.



Wow, nice! In an ADD sorta way, this is addictive. Simple, yet fun enough to have great replay value. My best score is 1318. Good luck in mini-game compo.


PS: even though I figured out the goal, you may wanna post some game play instructions.

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