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2600 Mashups..


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I was listening to some mashup mp3's today (Beastie Boys mixed with other music such as Jennifer Lopez) and I thought up the idea..


If you could combine two Atari 2600 games together into one what would they be?!


Here was my first idea:


Kanga Kong


Mother Kangaroo's baby has been stolen by Donkey Kong. It's up to you to rescue baby.


You can't punch.. just jump the monkeys.


Of course I'd want it better than the 2600 version.. more true to the arcade one with all the levels or a mix of DK levels and Kangaroo.


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Didn't see the forums have been split. Please move this into the 2600 Hacks. Anyway, here's my second mashup:


Jungle Cunt



Basic storyline:


After "scoring" many times with the beautiful maiden she's worn out. Being that women didn't shave down below back then, she gets the idea to plant a tomato garden in her snatch.


Custer on the other hand has different motives. He wants to tap that ass again.


Screen one (top left) - Custer enters her Jungle. He finds a new species of bug the world had never encountered before. He forges on.


Screen two (top right) - She's on her period! Look there's some of the sperm Custer left inside from last game!


Screen three (bottom) - She's throwing her ben-wa balls at Custer!


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