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NES High Score Club Week #3 - Arkanoid


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We go from the Old West to the final frontier: Space. Yes, it's Arkanoid!


So, post a score and let's get this thing rolling!


Please post any tips you may have - best tip gets 1 bonus point!


Also, if anyone has a link to the manual, please post it.


A special note: Please don't post scores that were achieved after a "continue." All scores should be for a game that was started from the beginning. :)


This week's competition ends next Friday morning.


This week's standings:


135560 Malc74 (10 pts)

104420 mojofltr (8 pts + 1 bonus pt for best tips)

78380 nester (6 pts)

65260 8th lutz (4 pts)

49770 figgler (2 pts)

38280 vdub_bobby (1 pt)

34500 rjchamp3 (1 pt)

30270 LarcenTyler (1 pt)

15910 MCHufnagel (1 pt)




Twin Galaxies Top Scores


999990 Stephen Krogman


Overall standings:


1. rjchamp3 (20 pts)

2. figgler (16 pts)

3. vdub_bobby (8 pts)

4. mofofltr (7 pts)

5. LarcenTyler (6 pts)

6. keilbaca (4 pts)

7. Malc74 (1 pts)

7. MCHufnagel (1 pts)

7. 8th lutz (1 pts)





mojofltr has again posted a link to the manual, plus several cheats (for practice only, of course).


(I'm not sure if you guys already knew this or not) In an emulator like Nestopia, you can use the mouse to emulate the Vaus controller. This should make the game much easier to play than it might be with a gamepad.


unlike the snes version you need a vaus controller to win 999,990
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(I'd be forever grateful to anyone who could provide a manual scan.)



Don't buy the Famicom sequel expecting it to work with your NES Vaus controller - it won't! I made that mistake for you.


cheats: (for practice only! :twisted:)


255 lives:

Enter NYOPUGLE as a password.


Continue game play:

Hold A + B and press Select(5), Start before the game over screen appears to resume game play at the last level played with a score of zero.


Level select:

Hold Start + A + B at the title screen. Release the buttons when the desired level is displayed. Alternatively, hold A + Select at the title screen.


Level skip:

Hold A + Start to jump to the next level. Note: This is only effective during the first sixteen levels.


~o O o~


I finally scrubbed the rental sticker off my Arkanoid cartridge (looks pretty good now) and dusted of my Vaus controller. This is the first I've really played the game since bought it... and you guessed it, I suck!


Stage 6 - 80300


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...I can't remember ever getting past level 3 though



Stage 3 sucks! I had play three games before I finally got my ball to go up top and bash out the other bricks! After that, the difficulty eases up again. Stage 5 is my favorite so far; there is a picture pattern, although I won't spoil the surprise and tell you what it is.



Check out BreakQuest - the coolest Arkanoid clone that I have ever played! It's loaded with beautiful stages with tons of power-ups, realistic physics, and fantastic music! This game may even change the minds of those who are not a fan of the genre! Don't miss it!

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This is a good game. Unfortunately, after playing for a while I realized I must have a hacked ROM. I seem to have infinite lives.


A long time ago, an Arkanoid clone was the first large program I wrote in QBasic. The funny thing is, I could never get the joystick to work right, so I had to program it to use the buttons to control left/right movement. As it turned out, the Phoenix BIOS in those days had broken joystick support, so that's why I had problems. Commercial games didn't rely on the BIOS so I only had this problem in my QBasic code.


I see what mojo means about stage 3. I must have used about 15 balls on that level. I like the idea at first, but trying to get a ball all the way up to the top is quite difficult.

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Tip's to ever yes ever max out this game, an arknoid controller will be needed, unlike part 2 on snes you cannot speed up you ship.


The SNES Arkanoid isn't part 2. The SNES Arkanoid: Doh it Again is an original game for SNES. The original sequel to Arkanoid was Arkanoid II: Revenge of Doh. Oddly enough, the Famicom version never made it to the US, but the arcade and several home computer versions did. Info on the arcade Arkanoid II can be found here.

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(I'm not sure if you guys already knew this or not) In an emulator like Nestopia, you can use the mouse to emulate the Vaus controller. This should make the game much easier to play than it might be with a gamepad.


:ponder: Are you guys sick of my lame "tips" yet?

I've been having a hard time in stage 2, and I was wondering if I could use the mouse. Thanks for the tip.

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