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Are there any games in your collection for systems you don't own?

Rhindle The Red

Are there any games in your collection for systems you don't own?  

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  1. 1. Are there any games in your collection for systems you don't own?

    • Yes, lots.
    • Yes, a few.
    • No, but there have been.
    • No, never.
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I always have games for systems I don't own. Off the top of my head:


20+ LaserActive titles (50/50 Mega LD and LD Rom)

2 or 3 Nuon (plus a couple of Nuon-enhanced movies)

10+ Bally Professional Arcade/Astrocade

10+ PS2

2 or 3 Nintendo DS

5 GameBoy Advance

10+ Xbox

1 Xbox 360

2 or 3 Neo Geo

10+ Vectrex



I even owned JAMMA boards before I had a JAMMA cabinet.


My reasoning: My goal, over my lifetime, is to eventually own all game consoles. If I find titles for a console I don't own that are (1) incredibly cheap, (2) likely to be very difficult to find in the future, (3) minty condition, I'll pick them up knowing that some time in the future, I'll be able to play them. I go nuts at clearance sales.


I also use collections of games I can't play as a catalyst to pick up systems, or pre-buy when I know a system is on its way. When I was a kid and wanted a 7800, I picked up a couple of games I desperately wanted to play (Xevious and Galaga, I believe), which induced me to scrimp and save until I had enough for the system... and when I figured out my (now ex-)wife was buynig me a Playstation one Christmas, I began haunting used/clearance game sales, and had 30 or so games ready to play when the system was unwrapped.

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I have a few games for systems I don't have yet, but I'm more guilty of buying periferals for systems I'd like to evetually get.


I definitely fall into that category as well, especially with my micro computer collection. If I see an obscure peripheral for a system I don't have yet I get it and use that as the spur to finally purchase the system.

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I actually don't own any games for systems that I do not have at the moment. That of course does not mean that it cannot change. If I found some really screaming deals on some games for a system I am interested in (and indeed, find one that I am not interested in... probably won't happen) I would pick them up. Someone else mentioned the idea of having trade bait... this is actually a good idea if you are into trading with other enthusiasts.

I used to have some sale/trade carts... but a friend's roomate thought it was ok to make off with them... and the situation has yet to be resolved.

MVS is the Neo-Geo stuff... is that the home console or the arcade box stuff? Or is there not really a difference?

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Those dozen 5200 carts haven't spurred me to lay out for the system yet. A.J. Franzman had one for sale a while back--it looked good and the price was reasonable, but I just didn't feel enough urge to buy it.

If I had Bounty Bob Strikes Back, you bet I'd be huntin' me up a 5200.


But if I see a game that's worth something although I'm not interested in it, I might go ahead and pick it up. If nothing else, then yes it becomes a tradeable item.

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I have a couple for the Sega Master System: The Jungle Book and Michael Jackson: Moonwalker. I bought Moonwalker during the MJ trial. It's just so funny that the object is for him to rescue children that are in cages in the corner of the screen. Little did Sega know..... or maybe they did. :lol:

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Beleive it or not I collected a complete licensed NES collection (well I never had the NES championships cart) without owning a working NES. It's long been sold but I finally bought a Famiclone from Breakpack a few days ago to play the few NES games I have currently. I also own some Vic games I bought with the intention of picking up a Vic-20 but I still haven't found one, I have to be honest though....I haven't been looking very hard. :)

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I have Power Golf 2 for the PC Engine CD. It was a 'free gift' that came packaged with a videogame soundtrack I bought from an eBay trader in Japan. A nice gesture, though I've never managed to really get it working, having only got to the title screen on my Xbox PCEngine emulator.

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I've got a few games for systems i don't own. Mostly because i'm planning to buy the system. a few games i got i a lot.

But another reason is that i like the different desgins of the carts.


i've got

1004 convoy for the 1292 Advanced Programmable system


platoon for cpc-464


virtual baseball for virtual boy


Blue lighting for jaguar cd


2 sega saturn games


1 game cart for a for me unknown system

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