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Were there any all-Atari video game mags?

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I can't remember there being any exclusive Atari video game magazines like we have today with PSM and Nintendo Power. I mean, ones that appeared on the shelves. Actually, the only one I remember is "Atarian" and I snapped up the first two issues of that the minute they appeared.


I do, however, remember a huge amount of Atari exclusive COMPUTER magazines such as Antic, Analog, STart, ST Format (UK), and several others.


I think ST Format was my favorite computer magazine. Even though I had a pay through the nose to get them in the States! Great mag! I always enjoyed the Brit humour!

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Yeah, I have a BUNCH of mags that cover multiple systems before the Jaguar. Many many GamePros with 7800 and Lynx reviews. I think my favorite was Video Games magazine because Chris Beniek (I think that was how it was spelled) said the Lynx was a great machine and it "deserved" to be a success.


Shoot, I still have all my Electronic Games magazines with 2600 reviews in them! Ok, what 2600 game does this game review quote refer to:


"Beautifully articulated horses..."

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Oh this reminds me of a guy at the Flea Market who had about 50 various gaming magazines from the mid 90's , so i ask him how much for them all and he starts adding up the price on the cover of each of them, i go are you going to charge me whats on the cover? he said yes cause thats what he paid for them , i said no way there not worth that and i said i will give you $1 each for them, he said he couldnt do that he would lose money, so i just laughed and left

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Krull is a cool game, and I remember them giving it a favorable review.


The horses came in between scenes: (There were 5)


1. Save the Princess from the Slayers.

2. Ride horses to the Crystal Spider.

3. Jump over the spider webs to the cocoon and pick the right exit.

4. Right horses to the castle.

5. Rescue the Princess with the glaive.


I loved that game. ;-)

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