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Classic Books and Magazines

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I've posted this before, but since this is a NEW forum, I'll post it again. If anyone is interested in looking at my personal collection of Classic Video Game books and Magazines (mostly cover scans right now) check them out at:





Scanning content is not something I plan to do, BUT if there is a specific article you know you MUST see and know the exact issue it is in, I can be persuaded to scan it, if you are nice to me!

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Well, your wish is my command! I just found the link to a site that has scanned complete images from each of the 11 Atari Age Mags on line, available to download and view. They are grouped by issue in 11 different zip files (may be kinda big, hope you have a broadband connection!). This is not my site, but it is operational as of a few minutes ago.




This page does not seem to display properly in Netscape, so better use IE.

I think you will enjoy them.


Also, I will point out that while Electronic Games magazine did cover all systems, I'd have to say that Atari got the majority of the coverage in the issues all of the time.

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Sometimes I'm getting a page cannot be displayed. Other times I get the front end but clicking on the archives/catalog/ gives me:


Pages ASP error 'ASP 0115'


Erreur inattendue




Une erreur interceptable (C0000005) s'est produite dans un objet externe. L'exécution du script est interrompue.



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Originally posted by rolenta:

You could find the covers of the two Atari Age newspapers on my website. The newspaper preceded the magasine.



Wow, those are awesome, I've never seen them before! Do you have full scans of those? I'd love to actually read them, plus putting them online would be nice.



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Originally posted by NE146:

WHOAH! Was there a Scramble made (or planned) for the 2600? If so, I've never heard of it. What's the story on that pic?


Milton Bradley had planned to release Scramble and Star Trek-The Motion Picture. I don't think they had working version of the games at CES buyt they did have the ad sheets that announced them.

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