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so...thoughts on the next meet?

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It will happen and it will be a fine day! For me its about getting the gameroom space finished off and ready to visit. It just wouldnt be the same trademeet without the gameroom so I'm holding off til then. It shouldnt be that long, we'll have our final budget in a few weeks and then its contruction time for a few more. Its possible we could have a meet before Christmas and if not then sometime in the winter months. The new gameroom will fill up the whole attic floor so it will be a lot easier to hold meets in the future (my wife wont feel the need to flee the house).


As for the format I'd imagine we'll do exactly what we've always done, keep it simple and friendly. Contests, trading, auctions, protos, pepsi and sam adams! It should be a great space for the projector idea you mentioned, lots of legnth and easy to make it dark. Everyone is of course welcome to bring "housewarming" gifts for the gameroom, inflatable chairs or whatever...


I'll be posting a photoblog of the construction process so anyone who cares can see the space come together.

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