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The Atari Book Of Games - anyone got the code typed in?

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I've just started scanning "The Atari Book Of Games" (by Mike James, S.M. Gee and Kay Ewbank) for AtariArchives.org and the code is coming up pretty messy. I was just wondering if anyone has any of the games in the book already typed in and accessable for emailing to me. We have permission. Thanks in advance, Chris J. (You can find my email address on my homepage: http://krisjohn.cjb.net )

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>> The publisher is Granada.

>> Does that help?



Its not Granada, but found a listing for


"The Atari Book of Games; Osborne/Mc-

Graw-Hill; Here are 21 exciting,

challenging games especially written

in full color & sound in Atari BASIC

for all 8 Bit Atari's!"


Authors are not listed. Is that the one?

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