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Thanks Alex, great to see this forum up and running!!


I do hope people will use this board not only for Ebay related topics, but for everything about silly prices, auctions, thrifts, sales etc. IMHO those are really cluttering up the main 2600 board.





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Originally posted by StanJr:

Yes, finally a place to champion the anti-ebay movement!


Is it online auctions that you don't like, or eBay in particular? I'm sure you've gone into great detail before, I probably should just search for posts with the word "ebay" that were posted by you.



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Its the fact that ebay can (and most usually is) used by soulless profiteering capitalist monsters who take an otherwise helpful form of commerce and twist it to their own deviant ends. I don't truly hate ebay per se, I hate the soulless profiteering capitalist monsters who abuse it, but I'm also not convinced that ebay is not run by same monsters. So its easier for me just to hate the machine and not the people who run it, for without the machine, those beasts would have one less way of perverting the capitalist system.


Don't get me wrong, not all ebay users are soulless profiteering captialist monsters (as I'm sure most atariage members are upstanding peoples), but there are plenty of them out there, and it only takes one kid pooping in the pool to ruin it for everyone.


My crusade is mainly against ebay since they are the big daddy of online auctioning.


There is much much more to this story, but I'll bore you not with the details.

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Yes, Lemmi, that is funny, but Stan is right.


I've seen enough people with outrageous price, or completely misrepresenting their items, or even being completely unknowledgeable about their items.


It sometimes make me so angry to see some of these people's auction's that I could just scream. They ruin the experience for alot of buyers, and the reputation of alot of sellers.


Of course I have to say that their aresome buyers that aren't any better. Jacking up the price real high and outbidding everyone else and then not paying for it! That just sucks, too.


Anyway, enough ranting. I'm not getting out of the pool just yet, but someone really needs to clean up the poop!

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