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Rare items that are NOT rare!!!


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I too am fed up with seeing "Rare" in the auction titles, almost always it is something that you can usually find for free or for $0.10 - $0.50.


That is an excellent example, I usually see alot of "Rare" Pac-Man, E.T., and Combat games.. I will usually skip any auction I find if it says "Rare".


If anyone is interested in the NES game Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt save your $7.50 (Or $17.50 for Buy It Now) and I will send you one of mine for free, just pay shipping.


I did find a game while thrifiting recently it happened to be Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt for the NES. It was at Goodwill and they wanted $1.50, I passed on it.

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i wrote this guy (or girl) last night about how the foam brick that comes with nes games was more valuable than that game, and that is at best a buck but realisically about 25 cents


he replied like he was some kid with :


"dude, dont want it dont bid it"


somehow how though the item mysteriously dissapears!!!! hmmmm


i feel like i won something today !!




but is this an indicator of an invasion on people trying to cash in to a riduculos amount (more than there already is of course!)

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I bought these up at Funcoland a few years ago at 9 cents each. I figure at 9 cents, I can't go wrong. Someone will pay me 25 cents at a garage sale or something. I laugh when I see common games for sale like these, but there are the common games with boxes, and though they may be more common, I still find getting boxes a little tougher. Flame them all you want. They don't deserve to be putting "Rare" in the title. Most people don't even know what they are doing.



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