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I'm sorry I ever doubted you guys. eBay IS evil!!!


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I put an ad in my local paper asking for 2600 / 7800 stuff. I got two replys.


The first guy sent me a text message saying:


"Ive got 4 ATARI'S, x1 7800, x1 2600, x2 older style wooden, one boxed, 95 games maney boxed"


I'm thinking shit! So I phone the guy up, hes obviously a bit stupid, and ask him how much he wants.


"I dunno make me a offer..."


I hate this kinda situation.


"Ummm...how about 50 quid?"


"No way!"


He then goes on to inform me that they are worth 300 GBP each "on the internet like, innit", it then kinda degenrates down to a subtle arguement. I make my excuses and end the call.


Thanks eBay.


2nd guy.


This guys got a 6 switcher with no PSU and about 5 common games, he wants 5 GBP. Okay, fair enough. He even offers to deliver it. We get talking, and he tells me that he "earns 500 pounds a week selling Nitendo games to little kids on...eBay".


I'm sorry for calling you guys moaners.

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Ebay is a great tool and we should be thankful for its existence. Can you imagine how much harder it would be to locate other rare items and collectables without it?


Case in point, I found 2 prototype XBOX controllers on ebay last Monday and WON THEM! If it weren't for ebay, how else could I get my hands on something like that, much less even know that items like this existed.


If anyone wants to see pics of my prototype XBOX controllers, I can post them. They look EXACTLY Like the final design models, but the plastic is shiny, the fire buttons are all black, the analog sticks are plastic and the memory card slots use some kind of different incompatible connector. Very awesome find indeed!

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