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Mystery Parker Brothers Cart!


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Today I came across that thing we all know and love, the Mystery Parker Brothers Cartridge. Instead of plugging it in and learning I've found yet another Frogger, I thought, why not make it a contest, and give a little something back to the AtariAge community?


I decided this shouldn't just be "guess the game, win the game" contest. After all, since we all know it's going to be Frogger, the winner would be whoever was able to type "F R O G G E R" the fastest. I want everyone to have a fair shot, and I also want to make people think about the possibility that it might, just might, be something else. So, here are the rules.

  • One guess per person.
  • When I reveal what the game is, the winner will be drawn randomly from the list of those who guessed correctly.
  • If the game is rarity 4 or higher, the winner gets the game! If the game is rarity 1, 2 or 3, the winner gets the game and one of the same rarity from those I have available for trade. If the game is a prototype, the contest is off. ;)

So, if you're a die-hard collector looking for Q*Bert's Qubes to complete your PB collection, make that your guess. If you're a newcomer with plenty of holes to fill, play the odds and you might get a Frogger along with an Asteroids or Missile Command or Video Pinball or any other rarity 1 game I have to offer.


The contest is on now, and will run through Tuesday, November 7. On Wednesday I will reveal the game and declare the winner!


Again, one guess per person. Feel free to change your guess later if you want, but make sure your mind is made up before Wednesday!


Have fun! I know I will. :)

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