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Massive Rare Game Lot!!!! (Uh...)

Room 34

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I actually think the whole variation this is pretty cool. Especially on the common games. Since I'm moving back to my parents' house in a month, and they are moving out and I get the whole house with my fiancee, I might actually go back and start putting together a variation collection of labels. It depends on how extensive I want to get.


There are actually 5 Combat variations. I would not doubt though that the picture label has more than one version.


Definitely cool.



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All right, let's not get serious here... I have more Combats than I know what to do with (still waiting on the text/number version to come my way though!)... but that has a lot to do with some "friends" who cleaned out a pawn shop's entire stock of Combat on my behalf a few years back.


Perhaps I should start another thread... carts with many variant labels that you're interested in collecting. Right now I'm working on all six major label variants for Space Invaders...

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Here are the variations


01 end label with red border


01 end label with silver border


text label where text red


text label, really glossy, title red, rest

in silver letters


picture label


Like I said, I wouldn't doubt that the picture label has more than one variation, where maybe the CX2601 is in white and another black or whatever. Just guessing. Don't have more than one to compare. If you get Jerry G's Guide, he lists label variations as he finds out about them.



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