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Quadrun Price


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I caught sight of an auction on Ebay that raised a question in my mind.


Ebay Item #1353724595: 2600 Quadrun


The seller has a Quadrun cart with instructions. From the pictures, the cart looks to be in good shape, and the seller indicates that it is in working order. The auction is a reserve auction, with an opening bid of $100.00. You have the option (if your biggest problem in life is picking out which set of new tires you want for your Ferrari ) of buying the cart immediately for $1500.00.


I realize that Quadrun is one of those holy grail carts, but I'm really curious about what the folks here think is a fair price to pay for it. Barring a lucky find at one of the local thrift shops, I may have to resort to Ebay someday to get one (after I've saved plenty of pennies ), and I'm wondering what's fair to pay, and what prices might be considered outrageous.

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You know, given all the fuss lately about phantom cart auctions and all, it sure would be nice to see a real live picture of this guy's cart & instructions on some dirty bedspread or something, rather than this cut & paste montage. (Tilting the cart was nice touch, though.)


Frankly, I think the rarity of Quadrun oughta be downgraded.. the way things are going, we're going to start seeing one of these on eBay every week pretty soon.


- RP

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Originally posted by rick weis:

depending on who you ask the answers can very from 250-500$


Take Care,




Yes, I agreed with Rick, from 250-500$ average, I never heard $1,500.00, sound like this seller seem too greedy or making too much money, that is my view anyway.



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I wouldn't take the chance. Though he doesn't have ## at the end of his User ID, his feedback besides one that is current, is ALL from 2001 and before. Another hacked id? I will personally pass on this. Not worth the risk, nor do I have the money to burn at this time.



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