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*sigh* Boxed Glib on eBay for $500...


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He wants $500 for it from a Buy It Now bidder, but that doesn't necessarily mean someone will take the bait. It's only been bid up to $5 so far.


Yes, Glib is rare, and a shrinkwrapped new one is rarer still. I'm just surprised by how frequently a game of its presently believed rarity has been popping up on eBay lately.



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I was kinda feeling the same way about Waterworld. Here I am, back collecting for only the past three weeks, and there have been two loose and two boxed examples on eBay. Some of the rarer games are now just 'popular rares' and 'price-wise rares' but don't seem to really be that rare. Maybe in the wild, but certainly not on eBay.





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this is the same person that listed a "new in box" waterworld last week which did not have the contest poster with it. i know i have seen that picture of a shrinkwrapped glib before. maybe it's just that all shrinkwrapped glibs look similar . make sure to check out his feedback before you decide to bid.

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