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Why in the heck did this go for $340?!?!


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Hey all! I'm a pretty knowledgable guy when it comes to prices of Atari/Colecovision stuff - but I don't get what the expensive thing is in this auction? I'd say it was noobs driving up the prices - but most of the bidding was done by a guy with 24 positive feedbacks. Thanks for any info!

The auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1353652539

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It looks like the high bidder (impalagal) put in a very high bid early, and then bogy33@aol.com put in quite a few bids over a 15 minute period to feel out impalagal's bids. Who knows how much impalagal bid, but given this user's feedback of (1) and recent identity change, I wouldn't count on this bid of $340 being paid for. Will have to keep an eye out on the feedback to see what happens.


Certainly those items aren't worth anywhere near $340.



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This auction has red flags all around it.


Looks like someone with a low rating pushed up the price, but then it is that other guy's fault for setting his max bid so high.


I doubt the seller is going to get any money out of this, and since the winner has a 1 feedback, they aren't going to care about negative feedback.


The seller gets screwed out of this whole deal, because now they'll have to relist their item (costing them extra money), because people like to play games on Ebay.

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I wanted to add one other thing. I'm definitely right about this auction being strange, BUT, sometimes these types of auctions are really sleeper auctions, and might have like 1 REALLY valuable game hidden in the whole mess.


It isn't the case here, but you know what I'm saying.


A person, for example, who's after a rare Waterworld 2600 cart, isn't likely scroll down 9 miles to try to find his ONE cart on a list of 200. He's probably got better things to do.

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