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Depressing auction....


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I realize the auction isn't over, but if it sells for $3.25 I will be shocked and horrified.


I know many that hate the game, but I consider it one of the most fun racing games for the Playstation. I just got done playing it for an hour.


When an Atari 2600 Stampede cartridge is the same price as a great Playstation title like this, you KNOW something messed up is happening.


I mean seriously, it is CD based, and the graphics, memory, everything kick the shit out of Stampede, but of course I know that's not why people would buy a 2600 game (I should know, I'm one of them).


Maybe some people will jack the auction up to $20 or something before the end, and I can rest easy knowing that one of the coolest racing games still has "value" to people.

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And the funny thing is about a month and a half ago I BOUGHT Stampede for the Atari 2600.


I bought Rage Racer like 3 or 4 years ago.


Back then, of course, it costed more like $20-30 (or more, I can't remember).


Times have changed...


I have nothing at all against Stampede, it is a dam fine 2600 game...but I'm sure you realize the "irony" that it would cost the same as a game like Rage Racer...


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