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NES High Score Club Week #12 - Rush'n Attack


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The brawling doesn't end! Land your toad-y spaceship and go back to the Cold War; it's time for Rush'n Attack!


Post a score and let's get this thing rolling!


Please post any tips you may have - best tip gets 1 bonus point!


Also, if anyone has a link to the manual, please post it.


Special Leeching note: this game appears to allow unlimited leeching, since the enemies don't stop coming and there is no time limit. Nonetheless, please do not leech by staying in one place killing enemies endlessly. Thanks. :)


This week's competition ends next Tuesday (Nov 28) morning at approximately 9:00 am PST.


This week's standings:


546,200 gdement (+10 pts)

196,200 rjchamp3 (+8 pts)

155,000 galaxy warrior (+6 pts +1 pt for best tip)

125,400 8th lutz (+4 pts)

88,200 vdub_bobby (+2 pts)

73,200 LarcenTyler (+1 pt)

51,800 mojofltr (+1 pt)



Twin Galaxies High Scores


None yet - you could be first!



Overall standings:


1. rjchamp3 (63 pts)

2. figgler (54 pts)

3. vdub_bobby (40 pts)

4. mojofltr (38 pts)

5. LarcenTyler (32 pts)

6. nester (29 pts)

7. 8th lutz (28 pts)

8. MetalSlime23 (25 pts)

9. gdement (16 pts)

10. Malc74 (13 pts)

11. bust3dstr8 (11 pts)

11. Cybergoth (11 pts)

13. galaxy warrior (10 pts)

14. keilbaca (4 pts)

15. MCHufnagel (2 pts)

15. remowilliams (2 pts)

15. Kami68k (2 pts)

18. BrianC (1 pts)

18. HeckYesIDid (1 pts)


Game Info


1987, Konami. A port of the 1985 arcade hit, also by Konami.





galaxy warrior:

an extra 100 for every three you kill in a row
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BTW: Is it supposed to be part of the Contra series of games?


Nope. It was a seperate game. It was called Green Beret in other countries (where the joke didn't work).


Interestingly the NES version adds a few new levels (the machine gun towers for one) and changes the last boss. I never like it for that reason.



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see i confused this with jackel in my mind. totally havent played this is years. this will be fun.


hey can everyone post thier finishing first level score? i wanna know what everyones average is. dont post screen shots just the score is fine.



tip: if you lay down and stab repeately then press over and up while still stabbing you'll do this superman flying stab at coming troops

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I love the thrill of killing Commies in the morning. :D


(For those who don't get the joke, it's supposed to be 'Russian Attack' where you're infiltrating Russia to destroy their new top secret weapon. Naturally, this was made during the Cold War, when the USSR was still our enemy.)


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I got to the last level once about... 18 years ago, but died there. Today I played about 10 times before finally breaking through and having a much better game.


For great justice.

I did it. Add this game to the beaten list. :)



I died on the boss of level 5 my 2nd time through. The difficulty didn't change at all on the 2nd lap, so it wouldn't be too hard for a bored person to max this out. 3 laps would do it.




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