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FlashBack 2's now with Atari PC-CDROM , Cool

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So I picked up another FlashBack2 today , and I noticed it now has an Atari Anniversary Edt. PC-CDrom inside the package. What a pleasant surprise to find this disc inside the box. :D It contains 12 Atari Arcade games , and a few extras like screensavers, wallpaper, and icons & such. Pretty cool though.


Thanks Atari.


By the way , I picked this up @ Wal-Mart , and the old barcode has been covered with a new sticker. This might reflect the boxes the contain the cdrom , or just a lucky guess or coincidence. I dunno. :ponder:


Also , my local Target was sold out of the Flashbacks @ $20 , so I took the ad to Wal-Mart , which of course will price match. So just a heads up if anyone's interested.

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That's right, I remember when the Flashback 2's were a preorder item from QVC and that was the only way to get the CDRoms. Maybe they dumped all their stock they had leftover? Seems unlikely to do that almost a year later.


I noticed Target has it on sale for $19.99. Sounds like what I paid for it last Christmas when I bought it, or was it $30 originally?

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Sweet.I just might have to go and pick up a second FB2.


If anyone wants , I can take a picture of the back of my box. I was just wondering if the new barcode sticker, over the former boxed one , might have meant the cdrom was included. :ponder:


I haven't even had a chance to hook this up yet though. I was reading where most of you said Rev.1 for the board. If I remember reading right, Rev.1 didnt have the voice sample in Quadrun, but was later added to Rev.2. , or something like that.

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