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(not atari) but still crazy


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Wow, I worked at a Toys 'R' Us when the NES was all the rage. I can't tell you how many countless sealed Excitebike and other NES games I handled. I still remember the many hundreds of copies of Super Mario 3 we stockpiled for its official release, and how fast they flew off the shelves. To see a sealed Excitebike for over $100 is amusing, considering how common the game was at the time.


I get a headache when I start thinking about collecting NES games, and it turns into a migraine if I expand that to collecting them new in the box. :D



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i just find it weird, because you spend a tin of money you canhave for much less and if you try to play it then about 90% of the money you spend goes away... and you knowyou can NEVER EVER EVER have every game sealed so why bother? other than the seller who can sell it to a moron

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Some people probably could get all the games new in the box, if they wanted to *cough buyatari cough*, but you don't need to get *all* of them to have a worthwhile collection... you could just limit it to something you like, like all first party NES games or all Konami games, etc.


I'm trying to get upto 100 NIB 2600 games by the end of the summer.. I'm upto 50-55 or so, and have another 20 or so on the way from Collector's House.


I've got 420 or so unique loose NES games, and a whopping *2* brand new NES games (Monopoly and Pinbot, I think), so I tend to agree with you.



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Well, I may get some heat from a few collectors for this, but I just don't "get" buying shrinkwrapped games... I imagine it'd be cool to have, but, where you gonna put 'em all - and - how much fun is a box? I don't know, maybe part of it is the fact that I'm living on a teacher's salary, and, tho' it's not a horrible salary, I do know quite well that anything boxed is outta my price range. So, to the shrinkwrapped (not open boxed) collectors, I'm curious (cause I like to hear both sides) what's the thrill in shrinkwrapped collecting?

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There's something undeniably cool about having shrinkwrapped copies of games you already own. Look at me, thanks to DVD International's recent sale on NUON games, I went out and bought a whole set of shrinkwrapped NUON games...games that I already have. I also bought one of each controller and have left those in sealed as well. Why? I'm not sure, but in some ways it's because NUON was such a short-lived gaming platform and also because I know I'll always have a backups and references as to how these items looked like when they were sold new. Pretty soon NUON stuff will be harder to come by, much less in sealed condition.


Besides, I think the packaging for game stuff is cool. Does anyone remember the box that R.O.B. the ROBOT for the NES came in if you bought him separately? I do because I own one complete in box, but a good majority of gamers may have seen R.O.B. but never his original packaging.

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Well I'll chime in on this topic for sure, because I simply LOVE shrinkwrapped new in box games.


Especially for Atari 2600 and Atari 5200.


I'm not overly impressed by shrinkwrapped Nintendo (NES) games, because I'd consider them more common.



A game that has been shrinkwrapped, and untouched since 1983, isn't that just cool as hell? You would think that over time as these shrinkwrapped boxes exchanged hands and people bought them over time that less would be shrinkwrapped, and more would become open, and no longer in flawless state.


I have opened ONE shrinkwrapped Atari 2600 game, but that's because I bought two of them with the express purpose of keeping one untouched. I bought two Solaris shrinkwrapped at The Midwest Classic.


Under ideal circumstances that's how I'd collect ALL Atari 2600 games...buy two shrinkwrapped of each, and open one.


But this would get costly VERY FAST, so I'm happy to have a collection of loose cartridges, till I can build up the shrinkwrapped collection.




Shrinkwrapped games are for display purposes, they are NOT for opening.


Some people say they get shrinkwrapped games so that they know that the game is in REALLY good condition when they OPEN it up.


This is a pretty good point, and that's why I'd get two shrinkwrapped games and open one, that way I know that I'm the one to blame if I don't take care of the cartridge and it goes bad.



Sometimes shrinkwrapped game boxes get crushed from the shrinkwrap itself, and this is the only issue I know of with them.


I still haven't directly answered your question about what's so cool about having the box...


To answer it I'll post another reply...

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Ok, here it is:


Imagine if I took my whole cartridge collection and dumped a whole truckload of dirt on top of them.


I waited a day, and fished them out of this dirt pile.


Pretty disgusting huh? I have a bunch of cartridges that work still, but they just look horrible.


Suppose I set all of these cartridges out on a table (dirty and everything), and invited a friend over to see my collection.


I'd be like "look at my Atari collection!" Isn't it wonderful?


He'd look at all the dirt and grime and wouldn't be very impressed, would he?




Ok, take the other side of it....


What if I showed him ALL shrinkwrapped games, in tip top shape, and high quality. You see it is all about having a CLEAN organized collection. Loose cartridges are for playing from, but when they are in nice shape it is even better.


Shrinkwrapped games hold their value very nicely, especially Atari games, but there's plenty of debate over the value of games.


I had a loose Dragster that I bought from Ebay that looked like it got attacked by a dog, I didn't pay very good attention to its shape on the picture from Ebay.


So I rebought another loose cartridge of Dragster from a store near where I live, and it was beautiful looking....no tears, scratches...and the purple color had a nice shine to it.

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Omigod, I had no idea. I didn't look at the price close enough.


It is up to $100 for it.


I'm sorry, no matter how much I adore shrinkwrapped games, this auction IS going way too far.


$10 for a shrinkwrapped Atari 2600 is reasonable to me, anything over $20 is pushing it.


$100 is just plain retarded crazy


I got my shrinkwrapped games from The Midwest Classic for $3 a piece. I couldn't pass up such a nice deal, no matter what the games were. So I snatched all the ones I could (about 5 or 6).

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