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help with pal-i


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hi, i'm italian and i have an atari 2600 pal-i standard but my television is pal- bg. the video it's ok but there is not sound (the atari is not broken beacause i try them on a multi standard tv and works ok).

does anyone know how to operate the atari with a pal-bg television? without the sounds i lose the best of atari, pls help me. tnx

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I just looked up the differences between PAL-B and PAL-I, and it appears that the major issue here is indeed the audio carrier frequency -- being 5.5 MHz in PAL-B and 6.0 MHz in PAL-I. There is also a difference in video bandwidth, but since you are already able to receive the video, your console may not need any adjustment to the video. So, screwing the core of the audio mixer adjustable choke clockwise a bit may work to get some kind of sound from your odd consoles. Do be sure to use a tool made of plastic, or if you can't find one, you may even be able to carve your own from wood, or a bamboo skewer. Metal affects the tuning when in position to make the adjustment, and any substance as hard as metal runs a risk of breaking the core.

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it isn't dangerous. i did it with a very small wrench. if it is metal wrench is not a matter

put that in the red tall thing(you have to open the atari) and turn clockwise gently(don't force it) until you can listen sounds. it's easy.

the atari must turned on with a cartridge in




thanks to A.J. Franzman and Mitch

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I have just opened my atari 2600 junior and

1)A nylon ribbon has been pulled

2)I cannot seem to find this red tall thing :(

The ribbon cable connects the buttons on the top of the console with the mainboard. There is a 4 pin connector on the board, where you need to slide the ribbon cable into.


The variable inductor is under the metal shield, but it should be accessible through one of the holes. IIRC on the Jr. Atari used a small metal cube instead of the long red plastic shaft for the audio inductor. Look into all the holes of the metal shield, and if you see a small metal cube with a hexagonal hole in it, that's the part that you'd want to adjust.


And if your TV does support several different PAL standards, you should be able to select PAL-I in the channel setup menu. That's the menu where you assign the channels to the program numbers.



Ciao, Eckhard Stolberg

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Thanx Eckhard!

Before reading your post,I found a hole,actually a plastic pipe with something deep,on the modulator.I did not have a very thin screwdriver so I picked a regular one and I started turning the pipe.The only thing I succedeed is having the 2600 broadcasting at UHF36.

Do u think that the screw in the deep of the pipe is irrelevant to the function of the plastic pipe?

I will reopen to check what u have just advised me.


sorry,my Engish r poor

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If the channel has changed, it sounds like you turned the wrong part. This page: ATARI 2600 Jr. VIDEO MOD BOARD shows a Junior motherboard with the shielding removed so you can see the location of a red adjustable choke (in the photo, there is a video output board added, which you can ignore). (EDIT: changed the following section) Unlike the 4-switch and 6-switch consoles, this is NOT the audio carrier adjustment. The silver cube partly visible at the center of the right edge of the photo is the audio carrier frerquency adjustment. There is a small round hole in the shielding above the choke, so you do not need to remove the shielding to adjust it. You might first want to return the first part that you turned (probably the video frequency choke = red plastic tube) to its original position, using the original channel on the television, before you try to adjust the audio. You may need to alternate adjusting both parts to get the best compromise of picture quality and sound quality.

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I took some pics of my PAL jr to show the adjustable choke.

I hope this can be useful.


hole in the shielding:



adjustable inductor (L8):


Now that I look at your photos and try to remember what the circuit layout of the Junior is, since I don't have one anymore, I think you're right -- the silver cube is the audio carrier frequency adjustment, while the red tubular choke is the RF frequency. Sorry for the confusion. I have edited my previous post with corrections.

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here is a photo of my 2600jr


Note that in the hole that u showed me,my 2600 has no screw :(

Then you will need to remove the shielding to reach the proper part. Begin by removing the circuit board from the case bottom (there are two hooks at the left and right sides which hold it in, and possibly a third hook between them near the middle of the board). Then turn the board over and use a small pliers to straighten all of the metal tabs which hold the shielding in place. Turn the board back the right way and lift off the shielding. If you can not identify the correct part, send us another photo.

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