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How old were you when you played your first Atari 2600 game?

Rhindle The Red

How old were you when you played your first Atari 2600 game?  

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  1. 1. How old were you when you played your first Atari 2600 game?

    • 0 - 4 (I'm a prodigy)
    • 5 - 9 (Got me in my formative years)
    • 10 - 14 (Past the age of reason)
    • 15 - 24 (Really should have been concentrating on other things)
    • 25 - 39 (Just call me the Andy Stitzer of the 2600)
    • 40 - 64 (I'm a real late bloomer)
    • 65+ (I had to do something to amuse myself in my Golden Years)
    • 0
    • 0
    • 0

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The first 2600 I played wasn't even mine, or my friends' - it was my piano teacher's:

My brother and I both had piano lessens once a week, me first for 30 minutes, then my brother for 30 minutes. While one was having a lessen, the other would play video games on an ancient B&W TV in another room. I didn't know what it was at the time, but thinking back I'm 99% sure it was a 2600. I remember the blocky graphics, the simple gameplay...good times. This was probably something like 20 years ago, when I was about 10.

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I was 14 in 1980 (no need to do the math :P ) and played at my friends house, Adventure & Space Invaders were the primary games we played. We had a Bally then also so we had lots of arguments as to which space invaders was better. I didn't actually own a 2600 until early 2000, which I bought just to play Adventure again. That was the beginning of the end for me :D

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I think the first time I played a game on the Atari 2600 was January 1981 at a classmate's birthday party. I remember playing Space Invaders. If that was my first experience with the Atari 2600, I would have just turned 8 years old. I finally got the Atari 2600 for myself in March 1983 when I was 10 years old.

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