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eBay bans Atari


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I still think Ebay has too many bugs. You would think after being up for all these years they could get the kinks out of their systems. I personally don't think they know what they are doing. They stepped in shit with an idea and it panned out. But it seems that the buyers and sellers are the ones who have been telling them what to do from day one and that they listen and implement. Usually an expert in an area knows what to do. Maybe not everything, but at least most. These people were programmers with an idea. They probably knew nothing about how auctions were really run. I think the feedback thing actually is worse than helpful. It's abused sometimes and there is nothing a buyer/seller can do if they are not at fault, but receive a negative fb from someone. There should be a tool implemented that allows a person to recant a negative fb. Sometimes these are done hastily.


Oh, well. Sorry I was ranting, but Ebay has just been pissing me off of late.


Here's one example where I think things are getting a little out of hand. I recently put a Yoda action figure on auction. I wrote in the auction that Yoda kicked ass in Episode II with his lightsaber duel. They thought it wasn't appropriate language. If the FCC doesn't find it offensive, why would Ebay?



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