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NES High Score Club Week #17 - Trojan


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First off Happy New Year everyone,


Rj, you mentioned that I had a problem with Keilbaca, that statement is wrong, I dont want to make any more enemies so let me set the record straight.


A few years ago I took Keilbaca under my wing and tutored him on a number of video games as he was very interested in bettering his skills on. I respected him for that and thats why I gave him inside tips on how to play more like a champion not that he wasnt one to begin with.


I skimmed thru the postings here and there is a lot of muck going on, but then again you got to expect that from time to time when you razz other gamers. Rudy no one takes away from your prowness but on the other hand don't rub it in peoples faces, your scores speak for them selves and people will notice this with out being reminded. As for people teasing you......well what can I say, its a part of being a record holder, so you take the good with the bad, and believe me thru my 30+ years of playing I have had many instances where people trash talked me and I came thru everytime and the crowd was awed and then quiet because they had to play harder to try and tie one of my scores.


I hope this new year of 2007 will bring a lot of gamers together and we will have a lot of records made that we ALL can appreciate and compliment our fellow gamers about.


-Todd Mr Activision Rogers

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Happy New Year! Looks like this thread had some issues over the weekend :ponder:


What say we avoid that from now on, hmmm?


And to clarify:

-you do not need pictures to participate. I encourage pictures but do not require them.

-if leeching is possible, please post how to do it so that I (not you) can post what is allowed and what is forbidden.

-do not accuse people of cheating in the threads. If you think someone is cheating, send me a PM.

-Finally, there are no prizes, there is no award - so relax and have fun. :)


EDIT: Oh, almost forgot! We're done! Hope you had fun playing Trojan, a game I'd never heard of before. ;)

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