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Other things to do at CG Expo


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After looking at comments in some other threads, I decided to

check our "things to do" page on the web-site. I suspect that a lot

of people overlook it since it's within the "Location" button on the

left of the page, I decided to have a look and found that it was

horribly outdated! {We haven't touched it since World of Atari in



Anyway, I spent a few hours doing some research to see what

attractions we had listed that were still there (sorry, the Ocean

Spray Factory has since closed). :( I went through and added new

pics, links to web-sites, and more complete information. At the

bottom of the page is also a link to Vegas.com which has a huge

list of things to do while there.


Check it out and plan your vacation today!






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Let's not forget about the Twin Galaxies Atari 2600 "Racing Days" tournament Todd Rogers and I will be running. I also have heard Shane Monroe of RetroGaming Radio will be running a Robotron tournament (with the assistance of TG). And... if all goes well, TG will be running a Coleco/Intellivision Deca at CGE with the grand prize being a complete Coleco Adam that I am donating. :)

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There are about a million things to do in Vegas, can't be listed on one web site...


Take a blimp ride

Catch a concert

Eat some really incredible food

Check out the art gallery at Bellagio

"Race for Atlantis" motion ride at Caesar's

"The Cellar" at Rio


Plenty to keep one occupied. By the way, if you want to drop a ton of money on one meal, I'd recommend "Circo" at Bellagio or "Emeril's Fish House" at MGM. For a little less money you can do the Isis Room (I think that's the name) at Luxor, or any of the cool places at Mandalay. I'd recommend staying away from the buffets on Freemont Street.



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