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Just arrived from Brazil...

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Hi guys,


I just moved from Brazil to the US, and I am temporarily living in a hotel in Westborough, MA till I can find a place, probably in Franklin. Well, I think I already know some of you (by name at least). My name is Eduardo Mello, aka opcode, and besides being a retro game collector, I also program games for the ColecoVision.

Well, I would love to be a member of NECG and attend the next meeting. :) I think I could contribute bringing some work-in-progress CV projects, as well as some MSX stuff.



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Welcome to New England!


I've long admired your Coleco projects and would love to see some at our next meet. If theres anyway we can help you out, videogames or otherwise just lets us know. The next meet should be soon so keep an eye on this forum.


Thank you, Chris!

I will keep watching this forum. :D



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Thanks for all the info guys! :D

To be honest one doesn't need more than a few hours to realize this area is crowded with Brazilians. :lol: I mean, every public place I go, I can always find someone speaking Portuguese...

Chad, indeed I remember you. BTW, probably I will bring my prototype version of the Opgrade Module for the CV to the next NECG meeting. Depending on the exact date, I can even demo some stuff, like the OM version of Pac-Man Collection. And if our host doesn't mind, I would love to organize a tournament of Konami's Ping-Pong. That's a really fun head-to-head game, and the winner gets a free Opcode game. :)



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I just looked through your website for the first time in quite a while... wow that's some pant wetting Coleco goodness! I think it's time to buy some of those titles.


Thanks! Hopefully I will have some copies available during NECG. :)



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