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Be Aware Of Scammers! - Click to Read


Be aware of scammers offering to sell you items you have posted on the forum that you are looking for.  These scammers will sign up with new accounts, and then email many people saying they have that item you want.  They will often ask you to email someone else, ask to pay with PayPal "Friends & Family" (which offers you no protection as a buyer), or will want weird payment methods.  If they send photos, they will often be photos from eBay auctions or other sites.  And they are almost always new members with little or no post history.  If unsure, please post publicly or send a message to a moderator or admin! You can also "Report" the private conversation so we can then look at it.


In addition, we have caught scammers HACKING INTO ACCOUNTS and then posting ads for items in order to lure people into sending them money.  If you have a weak password on your account, it is possible that your account might be hacked in the future and then used to scam other forum members.  If you are using a weak password, we urge you to change it immediately, which you can do here.  Additionally, we recommend setting up Two-Factor Authentication to make your account more difficult to hack into.


If your email address contains your forum username, we suggest using an email address that is less obvious.  In order to hack your account, the hacker needs to know your email address. DO NOT POST YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS PUBLICLY IN THE FORUM!  If you have, please send a PM to @Albert with a link or links to any posts containing your email address, and I can remove your email from those posts.


Again, if you're unsure about whether a user is attempting to scam you, please contact @Albert or another moderator, and we can investigate for you. 


Do not send money to anyone if you're not confident when doing so!

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