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  • Feb 04

    Atari BBS Community 1st Sunday Zoom Chat

    Just a reminder for the Atari BBS community zoom chat for Sunday, February 4th 2024 at 3pm Eastern.   For more information and the proposed agenda, go to http://www.ataribbs.com/zoomchat   This is also the link to the zoom meeting itself (it will automatically forward from 15 minutes before until four hours after the meeting starts).   Hope to see you there!  

  • Feb 25

    BBS Express! Pro! Version 2.0 is released

    On this day in 1989, Orion Microsystems releases BBS Express! Pro! 2.0a BBS Software. This version of BBS Express! Pro! included Y-Modem Batch Support, a new file browser that allows the user to mark files for Y-Modem Batch Download, baud rates up to 19200, a high speed screen handler, and an overlay processor that theoretically allows BBS modules up to 180K in size (source: BBS Express Pro! 2.0a

  • Feb 28

    Muffinterm Supports ATASCII

    Muffinterm is a BBS terminal program for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. On this day, February 28th, 2023, a new version of Muffinterm is released that supports ATASCII. This makes Muffinterm the first mobile BBS term program to support ATASCII! As of this writing, Muffinterm is an app available for free from the Apple App Store. Some screenshots are available here.

  • Mar 01

    STar Fleet HQ BBS is Resurrected

    In March, 2013 STar Fleet HQ BBS (SFHQ) is resurrected as a Telnet BBS (the capital ST is intentional; it indicates that it is an Atari ST BBS). SFHQ originally started around 1993 as the support BBS for the STARTREK Role Playing Game (RPG) echo on FidoNet.  On April 14, 2019, the SysOp announced that the BBS is now offline due to a hardware failure from a lightning storm. More information on SFHQ

  • Mar 01

    Heisenberg's Hideout Opens

    This month, in 2022, Heisenberg's Hideout BBS opens. Heisenberg's Hideout BBS has a "Breaking Bad" TV show theme and employs the Carina II BBS software for the Atari 8bit. You can connect to HH BBS at hhbbs.ddns.net:9000.    

  • Feb 01

    First 24 hours per day Atari BBS

    In February 1982, the Michigan Atari Computer Enthusiasts (MACE) start the first Atari BBS that would operate 24 hours per day. They would use their own Atari Message and Information System (A.M.I.S.) BBS software. The BBS software ran on a 48K Atari 800 with a Hayes Smartmodem, an Atari 850 interface, four floppy disk drives, and an Atari 822 printer (source: The Atari 8-bit Frequently Asked Ques

  • Feb 06

    The Express! Cartridge is Announced

    On this day, February 6th, in 1989, Orion Micro Systems announces the Express! cartridge in the 14-Feb-1989 #144 issue of Z*Magazine. The Express! cartridge is a brand new terminal program written by Keith Ledbetter for Atari 8 bit computers. The cartridge sports 64K of banked memory and is written in 100% assembler language. It will also work with any modem that has a corresponding "R:" handler.

  • Feb 16

    Happy BBS Day!

    On this day in 1978, the first BBS ever, CBBS, goes online in Chicago, Illinois.   Co-founders Ward Christensen and Randy Suess started developing the BBS during a blizzard in January, 1978. Four weeks later, on February 16, 1978, CBBS was established.   CBBS would continue to operate until the early 1990s.    On February 16, 2003, Chicago's Mayor Richard M. Daley dec

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