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  • Sep 30

    The Cleveland Freenet Goes Offline

    The Cleveland (Ohio) Freenet (CFN), which started in July 1986, ceased operations on this day, September 30th, in 1999. CFN was a a free public community computer system, the first of its kind in the world. The success of CFN lead to the creation of other Freenet systems located throughout the world. However, dwindling usage due to the growing World Wide Web and Y2K concerns in its software, lead

  • Sep 02

    FoReM XE BBS is released

    On this day, September 2nd, in 1985, FoReM XE BBS software is released.  FoReM XE, developed by Matthew Singer, is an Atari 8-bit BBS written in the BASIC XE programming language. Previous versions of FoReM were written in BASIC XL and Atari Basic (see the Atari Frequently Asked Questions by Michael Current for a list of versions). FoReM XE is in the public domain. One of its noteworthy features i

  • Sep 04

    ICD unveils BBS Express! ST

    On or around this day, September 4th, in 1987, ICD unveils BBS Express! ST at the The Atari MAGIC (Michigan Atari General Information Conference) show. BBS Express! ST is an Atari ST version of the popular BBS Express! software written by Keith Ledbetter.   BBS Express! ST was released sometime between July 24, 1987 and September 4, 1987. In the 24-Jul-87 #63 issue of Z*Magazine, it's ru

  • Sep 05

    Number of BBSs in U.S. Reaches its Peak

    The September 5, 1994 issue of Infoworld (Volume 16, number 36, page 52) estimates that there are 60,000 BBSs in the United States that serve 17 million users. This statistic is believed to be the peak of the number of BBSs in the United States. The number of BBSs began to decline after 1994. The BBS growth spanned from 1978 to 1994. The decline was largely due to Dial-up Internet service becoming

  • Sep 19

    First Emoticon Invented

    On this day, September 19th, in 1982, Carnegie Mellon professor Dr. Scott Fahlman invented the first emotion; the humble smiley. The image beow shows the text from the email that introduced the smiley emoticon.   According to narratively.com, every September 19th is "Emoticon Day". Dr. Fahlman hands out cookies with smiley faces on them.     

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