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  • Feb 01

    First 24 hours per day Atari BBS

    In February 1982, the Michigan Atari Computer Enthusiasts (MACE) start the first Atari BBS that would operate 24 hours per day. They would use their own Atari Message and Information System (A.M.I.S.) BBS software. The BBS software ran on a 48K Atari 800 with a Hayes Smartmodem, an Atari 850 interface, four floppy disk drives, and an Atari 822 printer (source: The Atari 8-bit Frequently Asked Ques

  • Dec 31

    The number of BBSs multiply in 1979

    According to the December, 1979 issue of Byte magazine (Volume 4, Number 12, page 103) , the number of BBSs online reach nearly 60 systems online! Just one year prior, in 1978, there were only 3 BBSs online! Of course, this growth will continue until its peak in 1994 where Infoworld magazine (September 5, 1994, Volume 16, number 36, page 52) estimated that there were 60,000 BBSes in the United Sta

  • Jan 01

    Basement BBS Upgrades Modem and Software

    In January 1987, the Basement BBS upgraded its software to the original BBS Express! software by Keith Ledbetter. The Basement also added an Avatex 1200 modem connected to the BBS' Atari 800XL with an ICD P:R: Connection.   The Avatex 1200 modem was a rather inexpensive 1200 baud modem. However, it was partially Hayes Compatible. The partial Hayes compatibility worked OK with BBS Express

  • Jan 01

    BB/ST is released

    Around this time in 1989 the BB/ST Bulletin Board Software by Steve Grimm for the Atari ST was released. The software was published by Quantum Microsystems Incorporated and retailed for $49.95. A review of the software is available here.    

  • Jan 05

    FoReM XE Professional BBS (version 5.4) released

    FoReM XE Professional BBS, also known as FoReM XEP BBS, is a total re-write of the FoReM XE BBS. Written by Len Spencer, FoReM XEP is a commercial BBS program. The last revision, version 5.4, was released on this day, January 5th, in 1993 (source: The Atari 8-bit Frequently Asked Questions by Michael Current).  FoReM XEP requires the BASIC XE cartridge from OSS/ICD, SpartaDos 3.2, and at least 500

  • Jan 12

    NiteLite BBS

    This is a real departure from the typical basic code Atari BBS and contains great features especially in the message bases with find and replace editing, “what” feature for reading reply source message and grouping, database improvements for stability, and low maintenance. Atascii / SyncTerm Atari Screen Mode – Restoration by The Southern Amis Projects. Former Atari Corporate BBS nitelite.ddn

  • Jan 15

    ADCM BBS 1.35 released

    On this day, January 15th, in 1986, version 1.35 of ADCM BBS is released. Version 1.0 was released sometime in 1985 (source: The Atari 8-bit Frequently Asked Questions by Michael Current). The ADCM BBS was written for the ADCM Pocket Modem. The BBS includes a command driven interface, private and public messages, file transfers, support for up to 255 users, and supports up to 500 baud.  More infor

  • Jan 27

    RATSoft ST BBS is released

    RATSoft ST BBS is released on or around this day, January 27th, in 1992. An announcement in the March 21, 1992 issue of Z*Net International Atari Online Magazine (Issue #92-12) mentions three dates; January 27, 1992, March 6, 1992, and January 28, 1992 (written at the end of the announcement as o1/28/92). However, the copyright date mentioned in the announcement is 1991-1992. So, it was probably r

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