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Release of Atari800DC .77 (5200/800/XL/XE emu for Dreamcast)


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Hello Doc Clu,


I've just released version 0.77 of Atari800DC


You can find it at




The changes from 0.76 are


* enable basic R: device emulation with the DC Coder's Cable (no

modem controls; fixed to 8n1; baud rates 300 - 9600)

* use Atari800 2.0.3 code base

* use KOS svn code base version 560

* add possibility to switch X and Y axes of controller input

* ability to disable either the D-Pad or the Joystick of the

controllers (in "Controller Configuration" menu)

* ability to disable or enable Bienias' sound improvements. They

are too heavy for the DC and therefore disabled by default.


had them disabled, 0.76 had them enabled, now it's selectable.

* when saving or restoring state display a "please wait" since

accessing the VMU is very slow. This was already in 0.75 but


lost in 0.76.


Please spread the news and thanks for your help.



Christian Groessler

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