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600XL variant I've never seen before


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I just got this 600XL in the mail. It's a UK PAL unit and it has a monitor jack and a keyboard I haven't seen before. Is this a common unit?


The third picture compares the keyboard to the similar type I have several of here:




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Looks like the better keyboard, no mylar :)



Yeah it uses a PCB, but it's worse to type on than the one I showed on the right. The keys are somewhat wobbly, and can be leaned from side to side almost like a joypad. If you don't press directly down on them, they can bind.

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It's pretty much the same as the one I've got, including lesser quality version of the stepped keyboard.


The strange thing about mine - it's got the 800XL OS. Main difference is the normal 600XL OS would coldstart right away if you took the cartridge out, 800XL and later OS versions just lock up the machine and coldstart when you hit Reset.

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Looks like a standard 800xl key board, if you goto Atarimania and download the 800Xl manual that came with the 800XL you will see its the same keyboard ( UK version I think)

Just checked the 600XL manual shows same key board, but the monitor jack is where the TV channels switch is normally shown ( US Version)

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