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Hi all.


i have made a Atari ST drawing for windows, it is a beta, and still missing a lot of functions, but i am working on it, so slowing it is moving in the right direction :)


you can down over at Atari ST forum.




or at my home page.



go under ST-Paint.


Videos of the program




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Post copy from atari-forum.com


Hi All.

I had hope to uploaded a new version before Christmas, but it could not achieve that, due to back pain(can only sit in front of a computer for a short time).

and i had also hope to complete more of the function.

But i have decided to upload a newer version any way, since lot had happened to the program compared to the last version.


new thing in the program.


windows mode (not complete)

Clipboard : Remember the last 15 clip

Color Replacer : Use to replace a color somewhere in the graphic

Poly Line :

Load/save Neochrome picture.

Load Degas Under/Overscan Picture*


and some of the functions have been change.

like the undo buffer in the polygon function, (now while drawing a polyg, and undo you will remove the last point, when finish the polyg and undo, you will remove the hole polygon.


the program is in the first post.



if you try or use the program, and you have time then some feedback would be nice.


*Under/Overscan Picture function.

Under/Overscan Picture function is made with help from Ben Jos Walbeehm the author of "Atari ST Plus Picture Viewer" probable the best Atari viewer for the PC.

due to my back problems, i have not got it to work 100%, but it load most of them, but the under/overscan routine can be turn off.




Best Regards


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