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Gauging interest in ADAM 80 Col. Unit with lots of extras


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I have finally decided to part ways with an extremely rare and more importantly, completely tested and working, Orphanware 80 Column Video Unit that also will include an EVE SP-1 Serial & Parallel Interface, original instruction books, other instructions I can assemble that will help in using these hardware add-ons and a collection of software drivers and programs to use these items. I haven't finalized the complete package just yet, but once I do, I will post further pictures.


As I mentioned, these units are extremely rare and back in the day, they each were pretty expensive items to purchase (check old NIAD PDFs circa 1986 and 1987)... so I'll be completely honest in stating that it's going to take a pretty impressive offer. If you are interested, send me a PM. I want to give someone that visits the CV&ADAM Forum first crack at this before I post it in the AA MarketPlace.


BTW, you may have noticed the CV Power Supply. Yes, this is what suuplies the power to the 80 Column Video Unit and it's not the detrement that you might think. The power supply connects to the video board via screw terminals, so if the power supply ever goes bad, you can easily swap it out. Also, the EVE SP-1 does not need to be attached via the Multi-Unit Cable in order for to 80 Column Unit to work and vice-versa.


Here are a bunch of pictures and they have been named accordingly to help you understand what each is.




















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Before you get rid of it... do you mind taking the lid off and taking a few detailed pictures of the guts?

Sure thing Geoff. I was already planning on doing so, just haven't gotten around to it. I will post them here when ready along with the rest of the details.

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