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Atari 8-Player Multijoy Adaptor - new full color assembly instructions


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Hello Atarians,

Maybe you already know the Atari 8-Player Multijoy Adaptor to play with eight joysticks on one Atari XL/XE Computer.

The plans were quite old, but the german magazine "RETURN" brought a new full color picture assembly instruction in issue #16 - complete with part list, diagrams and photos.

If you ever wanted to build your own Multijoy, this may be of interest:





P.S: Building this for your own is legal - even in Europe ;-)

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Sadly some sentences must be posted as there are some freaks around want to destroy the scene...


This looks like mega fun! Even there are a lot games (in my oppinion) available up to 8 players... Just to find eight in total may in an area like mine really hard :-)



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We met with 4 people in the town called "Essen" and handcrafted the four multijoys pictured above...


You may find some pictures of building the red one here:




@powersoft: Go to the street, collect 7 people and start playing :-)

There should be no problem on events like NOMAM, Fujiama, DoReCo, [Connected], and so on :-)



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...Btw: there are pretty cool games available für the Atari MultiJoy:

(Gamma) Hockey - 4 Player
(Gamma) Soccer - 4 Player
(Thorn EMI) Hockey - 4 Player
(Thorn EMI) Soccer - 4 Player
Asteroids - 4 Player
Astro4Road - 4 Player
Astrowarriors M4 - 4 Player
Basketball - 4 Player
Battle Room - 4 Player
Bremspunkt - 4 Player
Card Grabber - 8 Player
Cervi - 8 Player
Cervi2 - 16 Player
Dandy Dungeon - 4 Player
Dynakillers Unchained - 4 Player
Floyd of the Jungle - 4 Player
Fujiama Run - 7 Player
Gem M4 - 4 Player
HeliCops - 5 Player
Ice-Hockey - 4 Player
Impact M4 - 4 Player
Killa Cycle M4 - 4 Player
Killer 'Thello M4 - 4 Player
M.U.L.E. - 4 Player
Major League Hockey M4 - 4 Player
Mashed Turtles - 8 Player
Mazewar - 4 Player
Mouse Party M4 - 4 Player
Multris - 4 Player
Proto Basketball M4+ - 4 Player
Quadrotron M4 - 4 Player
Sheep Race - 8 Player
Shot 'em all - 16 Player
Silicon Warrior by Epyx - 4 Player
Survivor - 4 Player
Table Football M4+ - 4 Player
Tennis - 4 Player
Wingman - 4 Player

And that were not all games available for the Multijoy!

But the best is:

The parts for the logic cost only 1 Euro and 15 cent! (1.57 Dollar / 0.95 Pound)

Part: Qty Price Sum
SCHOTTKY-TTL 1 0,290 € 0,29 €
Elko, axial, 330µF/16Volt 1 0,180 € 0,18 €
Planar Epitaxial Schaltdiode, 40 0,017 € 0,68 €

Add a few bucks für the joystick sockets and a housing and you are done :-)

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Hello Lynxpro


The Atari can handle 16 players using 16 joysticks via a Multijoy Interface. PIA pins can be switched to output. When using a multijoy interface, one joystick port is switched to output, the other to input. "Input" reads the joystick, "output" selects which joystick is read.





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On 9/13/2017 at 1:54 AM, mykgerard said:

This Multijoy sounds awesome. I'm bummed because my understanding is that nearly all of this stuff is PAL :(

I too would love to know if anyone ever confirmed plans for an NTSC multijoy 4 player for MULE in the Americas? I can play 4 players using an emulator but the timings are never right, so you can't have computer players because only they can perform three plots on a turn and humans are lucky to get two done because of the timing being off. Ruins two and three player games outright

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So adapting this to build a multijoy for four sticks only would pin 8 of Stick4 go to pin 12 or pin 7 of the 74ALS138 chip?
Stick ports 1-2-3-4 all chain pins 1,2,3,4,6 to each other and to 10K resist @ground? Seems almost simple enough for me to try making one - lemme get my staple gun and plank of wood to get started HAH


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