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The Atari ST book countdown. Kickstarter ends on 6th June. Join us!

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Hi guys!


If you are not aware of our Retro art book on the Atari ST creative culture, please hurry up to join us on Kickstarter:



You can be the critical mass to reach our goals on the 6th June.


In the last week some things went positive, some not. Marketing such a campaign is not easy. We constantly work on press releases. So, since the beginning on 6th May we have been covered by:



- Retro (german)
- Return (german)
- ST-Computer (german)
- Pixelnostalgie (german)

- Kultboy (german)
- Retrogamesmaster (english)
- Indie Retro News (english)
- Retro Video Games (english)
- Retrogaming History (italian)

. Retrokomp (polish)

- Atari Crypt (english)
- Blue's News (english)
- 8-bit Central (english)


- Atari-Forum
- Atari-Home.de
- Demozoo
- RetroCollect
- Pouet
- Nectarine
- Atari Age
- ST fanémule
- Reddit
- Atari.io

- English Amiga Board



I also produced a comprehensive audio podcast. Sorry for my weird english sometimes, I am coming from Germany. Have a listen on my Kickstarter campaign site, see below.


Thank you for your support so far, I see you are interested in this unique story, but never have expected so much US-backers! This surprises me, as I thought this story is only a speciality for the europeans.


Best Regards,

Marco Breddin (Writer of the Atari ST Anthology)







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Is there a plan B in case not enough is raised with the kickstarter? Can it still get published in some form?


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Of course. I never plan only with one letter of the alphabet. ;-)

I need to see the sum which comes out in the end, than I will see what will work out with it. Quality-wise I would not cut anything. It's more logistic-wise. Ans I don't know if I can do it in Germany, when it's not getting a minimum...




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Hello guys,

after a long period of silence I want to inform you about an update. I recently refreshed the shop with many products from the Kickstarter campaign. You can now order a limited amount of goodie packs, for example.




Best regards from Germany,


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