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HSC14 Round 1 Poll

Round 1 - See post below for links and details  

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  1. 1. Vote for the first game of the season

    • Super Pac-Man
    • Gateway to Apshai
    • River Rat
    • Mr Robot & His Robot Factory
    • Yoomp!

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*** Round 1 has now started :)

Round 1 Poll

Let's get this season underway! The first poll has a mixture of game types, vote for the one you want to play in round 1. Action will start at the weekend providing we have a few voters and a clear winner! If you've not done so already, add some games to the play list thread.


Checkout Atarimania for more info on the games. If you need any help getting things to work post here or send me a message :)


Super Pac-Man


Superb game by Landon Dyer who also created the fantastic Donkey Kong on the Atari 8-bit. Collect the keys to open the doors or super-size our rotund yellow guy and break through them!

Fandal XEX

Gateway to Apshai


Arcade adventure/explorer? Not a game I know so here are some comments from atarimania's Demonweed (18/12/2016) Instructions also on Atarimania.
This is a true jewel in the collection. Long before Nethack, and not long after Rogue itself, here was a real time rogue-like game. Gear, spells, monsters, traps -- all the key elements are in place. The balance is exquisite in terms of fun factor.

Fandal XEX

River Rat


Simple vertical scroller, fun, but not overly taxing so probably another game will be needed to keep it company - perhaps River Rescue a horizontal scroller where you ferry people along the river?

Fandal XEX

Mr Robot & His Robot Factory


Quality platformer. Played several times here, bit too easy for top players and fairly tricky for beginners but still great fun. Beginners can skip over difficult screens if needed. We will check out "Mr Robot Plus" as a bonus which has additional levels by Goochman and myself.

Fandal XEX



Best abbuc game ever. Highly playable; bounce through the tunnel. There is an NTSC version too.
Fandal XEX

***Round 1 has now started :)

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TRBB requested that I play again this season. Well, how can I refuse?!?


I've voted for Gateway to Apshai, one of the few Apshai games I haven't really played (except quite briefly). The regular Apshai series is completely different from Gateway, so it would be fun to invest some time into playing this game, which looks similar to the earlier games, but plays very differently.



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