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FLOP 62 - New Issue of the Floppy Disk Magazine


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After long 18 years of only one FLOP issue a year,

the publisher of the magazine, Atari klub - spolek příznivců historické výpočetní techniky (Association of Historical Computing Enthusiasts), proudly announces FLOP 62, a second issue of the magazine published in 2018.




To get more information on the magazine, and to download issue 62, visit FLOP's website.


Highlights of FLOP 62

  • Content available in both Czech and English
  • Final version of R0ger's Sails of Doom game. Load your cannons and immerse yourself in this fierce battle of sailing ships for up to 8 players
  • Beginning of a new series of technical articles on sound chips used mostly in 8-bit computers and consoles
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After sinking all enemy ships in the brilliant Sails of Doom game, you can go back to the port and board two trains.

FLOP 62 brings you Train 2, a continuation of the game released in April by BAHA Software. Train 2 has new and challenging screens powered by an improved engine. As a bonus, FLOP 62 also includes a remastered version of the original game. For more details, refer to the magazine.

post-12760-0-15848000-1539881579.png post-12760-0-22989100-1539881586.png

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As October is almost over, you can expect binaries of the games published in FLOP released at a8.fandal.cz very soon.

While waiting for the binaries, you can read the article on the TIA chip used in Atari VCS. If you haven't done so already, of course.


And if you cannot wait, I will tell you a secret. You can download from HOMESOFT's disk images site right now.

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Thank you for new issue of this disk magazine. I specially like the English translation. Even if I am Slovenian and the languages are similar in some ways, I don't understand the language well. Maybe it's time for some learning...


Great stuff and texts there.

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