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2 hours ago, Jin said:

Off to a great start! It doesn't matter how big or small your collection is, as long as you enjoy playing what you have.


And as long as it's organized and neat. Supposedly a second go-around can be better - but I never personally experienced that.


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17 minutes ago, guitarmas said:

Grew a little more...


...and I recommend buying the Pound cable for the Genesis. It may look a bit bright at first but just a very slight adjustment to the TV and the picture looks phenomenal!



Actually I have the Hyperking version of the cable and found it provided a darker picture as compared to RGB through my OSSC. So I'm surprised to hear you thought the cable produced too bright a picture. I only got the cable to compare and it is still good to take and use for conventions or other public places to make it easier to connect a Genesis or SMS up to a modern TV.


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