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Merry Christmas - demo released


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2 minutes ago, Vorticon said:

How do you get Flash to run in Chrome? 

Well, here at my end, it displays an icon in the upper right corner. Looks like a puzzle piece with a little red box. It says Flash is blocked. If you click it, you might be able to enable Flash, but I think the option to run from Chrome is running out of time. There are thousands of iconic games written with the Flash technology, and I'm not exactly sure how, - but places like Newgrounds will try and preserve games, technology etc.

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4 hours ago, --- Ω --- said:

Like sometimes99er said, click the icon and a box will appear...



Click on "MANAGE", you'll see a 'slider control'...




After you move it to the right, it'll turn blue and your settings will be good until you exit Chrome.




Now just refresh the page, and enable it on the website

OK that worked. Thanks! However, it looks like Flash will not be supported in Chrome past December 2020. Are there such limitations under linux?

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I'm emulation only. If someone would be so kind and post a video of the demo running on real hardware, namely an unmodified TI-99/4A, no expansions and CRT-screen. I would like to see if it's working without any unwanted bugs, glitches etc. If you're experiencing problems with any other hardware setup, please let me know. A video showing the problem will be helpful.


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