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ColecoDS 9.2 is Available

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ColecoDS is an emulator for all things Colecovision and ADAM for your DS/DSi/XL/LL:  https://github.com/wavemotion-dave/ColecoDS


Just put out the 9.1 release (the first ColecoDS release of 2024) which adds a real Konami SCC driver for improved sound on the MSX1 games that take advantage of that powerful audio chip.


Everything is polished - the Colecovision and ADAM compatibility is very high with just about every game and program playing perfectly. Most of the 'cousin' systems (MSX1, PV-2000, Sord M5, SG-1000, MTX, Tatung Einstein and SVI) are similarly running very close to perfect. I've also added custom overlays for the two new Team Pixelboy games released at Christmas (Space Shuttle and Utopia).


I'm well over 300 hours on this emulator.. massive thanks to @alekmaul for the original port and to everyone that has provided feedback, suggestions and help along the way.

Features :

  • Colecovision game support (.rom or .col files). Requires coleco.rom BIOS.
  • Super Game Module support with 32K and AY sound chip.
  • Megacart Bankswitching support (up to 1024K).
  • Coleco ADAM game support (.ddp or .dsk files). Requires eos.rom and writer.rom
  • Sega SG-1000 game support (.sg roms)
  • Sega SC-3000 game support (.sc roms)
  • Sord M5 game support (.m5 roms) - requires sordm5.rom BIOS
  • MSX1 game support (.msx or .rom or .cas or .dsk) up to 1024K
  • Spectravideo SVI support (.cas or .rom) - requires svi.rom BIOS
  • Casio PV-2000 support (.pv roms) - requires pv2000.rom BIOS
  • Hanimex Pencil II support (.pen roms) - requires pencil2.rom BIOS
  • Tatung Einstein support (.dsk files or .com run-time files) - requires einstein.rom BIOS
  • Memotech MTX game support (.mtx or .run or .com files) - single loader games only.
  • Creativision game support (.cv) - requires bioscv.rom BIOS - supports ROMs up to 32K.
  • Full Controller button mapping and touch-screen input.
  • High-Score support - 10 scores per game.
  • Save/Load Game State (one slot).
  • Video Blend Mode (see below) and Vertical Sync.
  • LCD Screen Swap (press and hold L+R+X during gameplay).
  • Overlay support for the few games that need them.
  • Super Action Controller, Spinner and Roller Controller (Trackball) mapping.
  • Full speed, full sound and full frame-rate even on older hardware.






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ColecoDS v9.2 is released.
This version brings in a new (proper!) AY sound chip driver to make all of the latest SGM homebrews plus MSX1, Tatung Einstein and SVI games sound their best. My old driver was a "Fake AY" which just turned the AY sound chip writes into equivalent SN (Colecovision) chip writes. But that was never adequate - the AY has a wider dynamic range, full Envelope support for cool and funky sound generation and more robust noise handling. Some programmers didn't utilize the full capabilities of the AY and for that, my old "Fake AY" driver was fine... but for the best sounding games, with a true AY driver, we now get the full range of dynamic sounds of this awesome chip!
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