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April Savings



While I did buy Blake's 7, I'm not counting it in my savings over DirecTV calculations as I couldn't have watched it on DirecTV anyway. Since that was the only content I purchased this month, I'm going with $0 spent for April, thus $146 in savings.


My cumulative savings is now $432, leaving a balance of $2299 to pay off the DVR setup. I debated not counting the Drobo as I bought it for the DVD rips, but decided I should count it after realizing the DVR recordings now take over 1TB of space. The recordings can't span multiple drives and the drives I had hooked up before were each 1TB. If I hadn't set up the Drobo, the balance would now be $1031.





The reason the EyeTV records are taking up so much room is I've been recording some series that I want to watch in order. The largest chunk of storage is 447 GB for That 70's Show. I have 109 of the 200 episodes recorded, but not a single one of season 1. The pilot airs next week, so I'll finally start watching them. The show reminds me a lot of when I was growing up - the setting is about 30 miles from where I lived in the 70s and early 80s. While I watched the series when it aired, it was pre-DVR and I missed a number of episodes. You know how you hear about British shows often being butchered when they're remade in the states? The reverse occurs as well:




Speaking of That '70s Show - I had been watching Men at Work, which stars Danny Masterson, on TBS's web site. However, when I went to watch the second episode of the season, I discovered they had rolled out Unlock the Laughter (sign in with your cable/satellite provider account). It was a fun show that I didn't mind watching with the commercials (and they had a lot of them compared to other website broadcasts), but I've decided to drop it instead of buying it via iTunes.


Syfy's new series Defiance is on their site. It looks interesting, but I haven't watched it yet as I'm waiting to see if they'll end up delaying the online episodes like they did for Being Human - I'd hate to watch episode 2 then have to wait a month to see episode 3.


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Sheldon wasn't happy about it being cancelled . . .


That episode is how I found out the show was cancelled. I still thought it was coming back. I hope that episode alerted a lot of other people who also didn't know it was cancelled. Maybe enough people complaining can get it uncancelled.

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Beware of DVR storage creep. It's hard to avoid filling with stuff "I'll watch later" or FISH (first in, still here). On my old TiVo I had AFI top 100 movies which were over a year old - and still unwatched. On my current cableco DVR I have some Doctor Who Christmas specials (recorded over Christmas) that I need to clean out ASAP.

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Yeah, ran into that on the DirecTV DVR. Of course it had a built in limit as I couldn't add more space to it :)


A number of shows are nearing end-of-season which should help as they're mostly hour long shows that I'm current on, so I'll be able to catch up on the other shows like That 70's show.


I've also been watching The Simpsons, though I'm not trying to watch them in order as I'd probably end up with hundreds of episodes recorded before the first one shows up. I'd stopped watching them years ago, but caught an episode when I was setting up the Mac mini DVR - I laughed so hard I added it to the schedule. I began watching them when they were shorts on The Tracey Ullman Show, you can see a snippet on the end of one of my favorite TUS skits:



In the skit "Joe Blow" is the voice of Homer and the lady with the black cap that sits down next to him is the voice of Marge.


I've been using iTV Shows 2 on my iPad to track the classic series I've been watching. Once I've seen them all I take them off the schedule. WKRP just came off. It was fun to rewatch, and as a plus I caught a number of episodes that I hadn't seen before.

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